Procurement of 1 ‘Cross Flow’ system winery filter

2018. April 13.

Public Procurement Gazette vol. no.: 2018/71
Subject of procurement: Procurement of goods
Type of notice: Contract notice/2015 OJEU
Type of procedure: Open procedure
Date of publication: 13/04/2018
Reference number: 4857/2018
CPV code: 16000000-5
Contracting entity: Nyakas Pince Zrt
Place of performance: H-2073 Tök, Központi major, Hungary
Deadline for tenders/application: 21/05/2018
Winning tenderer:
Type of contracting entity: supported organisation (Section 5(2)-(3) of the PPA)
Main scope of activity of the contracting entity: grape wine production

Downloadable documents: