About our wines

‘The secret of Nyakas wines lies in our decade-long experience in viticulture and the winemaking profession, and in the devoted work of the local people.’

  • Let us show you our wines!

    Come and join a wine tasting event, where you can taste 3-5-9 wines, starting from the price of HUF 2,000/person. We offer bread scones and savouries with the wines.

  • Budai Riesling

    Semi sweet white wine  |  2017

    Natural residual sugar from the partly shriveled handcrafted grape yield goes perfectly with the Riesling...

    3.600 Ft Add to cart
  • Nyakas Rosé

    Dry rosé wine  |  2018

    The blend of four sorts makes a nice complexity. Fruitness reminding to raspberry and strawberry,...

    1.500 Ft Add to cart
  • Budai Irsai Olivér

    Dry white wine  |  2018

    The sort Irsai Olivér is a Hungaricum. Clear yellow with green reflexes.Intensive nose remaining to...

    1.600 Ft Add to cart
  • Don Olivér

    Dry white wine  |  2017

    In this masterly wine couple, Chardonnay gives roundness whilst Irsai Olivér provides exciting noses. It...

    1.500 Ft Add to cart
  • Aligvárom

    Dry white wine  |  2017

    The harmony of noses coupled with the depth of palates and an outstanding acid balance....

    1.600 Ft Add to cart
  • Budai Chardonnay

    Dry white wine  |  2017

    Characterful, manly, mineral, notes show up with pear, apple and flowery aromas. Great choice to...

    1.500 Ft Add to cart
  • Budai Sauvignon Blanc

    Dry white wine  |  2018

    The wide scale of aromas is almost unlimited, spreading from mineral notes to elderflower, gooseberry...

    1.700 Ft Add to cart
  • Menádok Budai Chardonnay

    Semi dry white wine  |  2017

    Developed by the so called „Sur lie” and battonage technologies, this means that the wine...

    3.600 Ft Add to cart
  • Menádok Budai Pinot Gris

    Dry white wine  |  2017

    Elegant dry white wine, fruity taste, rich aromascale. First signs excite you with hints of...

    3.600 Ft Add to cart
  • Menádok Budai Sauvignon Blanc

    Semi sweet white wine  |  2017

    The nose is characterised by ripened pear, citrus and honey. The complex aroma is in...

    3.100 Ft Add to cart

Are you curious of where our wines are made?

Come to the Nyakas Estate, discover our winery, and taste our wines! The estate is situated 40 minutes away from Budapest.

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