Nyakas Pincéről

About the Nyakas Cellar

Our estate is located in the Etyek-Buda wine region, in a tiny settlement lying at the foot of the Nyakas Hill, wearing the simple name ‘Tök’ (which means ‘pumpkin’ in Hungarian). We primarily engage in the making of fresh, reductive white wines, rich in fragrant essences and flavours. We currently produce grapes on 190 hectares (88% white and 12% red grapes). The following grape varieties can be found with us: Irsai Olivér, Chardonnay, Müller Thurgau, Sauvignon blanc, Rajnai rizling, Pinot Gris, Kadarka, Pinot noir, Merlot and Kékfrankos. Our wines mainly reach the maximum of their sensory characteristics and bouquet in bottles, in a reduced environment.

Visit to the estate and wine tasting

Visit to the estate and wine tasting

Are you curious of where our wines are made? Join a wine tasting event at the estate of Nyakas Cellar, and discover our winery and wines! Nyakas Cellar tour and tasting for small groups (up to 12 members) Apply for the program: Peter Nagy, +36-30/410-3505

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Mintabolt a Nyakas birtokon

Cellar Shop at the Nyakas Cellar estate

Our Cellar Shop opened its gates in 2011 at the Nyakas Cellar estate (route planning) in the vicinity of our existing cellar. Visit our shop (opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and get to know our wines! The estate is situated only 40 minutes away from Budapest.

The short history of our winery

The short history of our winery

We have been producing grapes since 1991, and also wine since 1997. It was not long until we achieved our first recognitions: in 2002, our chief winemaker, Ernő Malya, was granted the ‘Winemaker of the Year’ award. His successor, Dr. Beáta Nyúlné, the chief winemaker of the cellar, was among the top 5 candidates in 2019 and 2020, and in 2021 she won the title of „Winemaker of the Year”. In 2012, 2017, 2018, 2022 and 2023 we won a Hungarian Brands prize, and <href=”/boraink/”>our wines regularly receive recognitions and prizes at various competitions.

The development of our winery has been unbroken from the beginning. We use the latest technologies in the production of wines, thanks to which we can produce wines of outstanding quality. In 2011, our cellar shop, show cellar, and a ‘small’ processing plant enabling the processing of red wine varieties and exclusive white items were put to use next to our existing cellar.

Green production

Green production

Environmentally conscious production is very important to us, and therefore since 2004 we have participated in the agro-environmental management integrated vine cultivation programme with an area of 90 hectares, and from 2020, we participate in the organic farming certified by Biokontroll Hungária with 11.5 hectares of vineyards.

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