Pinot Noir Rosé

Dry rosé wine  |  2021

Remarkably elegant, strawberry, raspberry and peach appear in its bouquet and flavour, accompanied by a fresh and pleasant acidity. Recommended with pasta, fish or even by itself.

Wine profile

TypePinot noir
CategoryPDO Etyek-Buda, Dry quality rosé wine 0,75l
Production site, vineyardsBudajenő, Körte-völgy, Szajkós kertek, Tök
Soilchernozem brown forest soil, on lime-based rock
Age of vine-stocks11 years on average
Produce8 t/ha on average
Winemakingquick processing, cooled, controlled fermentation, gentle, reductive, brief maceration with the skins
Alcohol11,66 % vol
Residual sugars0,6 g/l
Acid content5,7 g/l
First bottling2021 november
Consumption temperature11 °C
Maturability1-2 year

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