Don Olivér

Dry white wine  |  2020

In this masterly wine couple, Chardonnay gives roundness whilst Irsai Olivér provides exciting noses. It surprises its taster with the noses of nectarine, orange, lily of the valley, with a swirl of fresh spices. Recommended with fresh salads, white meat and fish dishes.

1.600 Ft (0,75l)Unit price: 2.134 Ft/l

Wine profile

TypeChardonnay, Irsai Olivér
CategoryPDO Etyek-Buda, Dry white wine 0,75l
Termőhely, dűlőkBudajenő, Körte-völgy, Körtvélyes, Öreg-templom-valley
Soilchernozem brown forest soil, on lime-based rock
Age of vine-stocksÁtlagosan 25 év
Harvestmanual harvest, with case
Produce6 t/ha on average
Winemakingquick processing, cooled, controlled fermentation, gentle, reductive
Alcohol12,24 % vol
Residual sugars1,1 g/l
Acid content5,5 g/l
First bottling2021. április
Consumption temperature12 °C
Maturability1-3 year

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